26/04/2014 10:32

Companys send their employees to attending training courses because they want to see changes in the employees and in the ways they work. 

We train to make change and we re-visit our customers after the training, if allowed, to interview the attendants who have "sucessfully" completed the training course.  We seek appointment with the manager who organized the training course for the attendants to evaluate the result of our training. From this evaluating exercise we may also find shortcomings in our training and subsequently find ways to improve them.  Thanks to their feedbacks.

We did find dissatisfactions that not every attendant changed or changed enough after attending the training course. This happened especially when course was designed exclusively for technical training.  They learnt the technical know how but not safety awareness and safety attitude. We all know a "competent" driver has a valid driving licence can be dangerous if his/her driving attitude is bad. Same in safety management.  A competent welder can weld well but without safety training his works could cause fire or explosion.  An explosion recently in one of the towns near Kuching destroyed a pesticide and fertilizer store causing damages and injuries to nearby buildings and people is a good example. The local press reviewed that it was most likely caused by unsafe welding works done at the vicinity of combusible materials (Pesticide and fertilzer vapor or dust could be combustible).  Should the welder or the person who employed the welder cared about safety and have safety procedures followed, this tragedy could be avoided.  In safety, we believe that all accident can be prevented. Safety awareness and safety attutude must be well taught before training the welder to weld. 

You will see changes only after people's attitude in safety changed!  Training can make it happen.