27/04/2014 21:20

One of our costomers called me one day telling me that he has just completed a noisy survey report to comply DOSH's (Department of Safety and Health, the enforcement agency of our OSH Act 1994) instruction.  He engaged a competent person to do noise survey on his factory.  He received the noise survey report.  He wanted to know what shall he do next for compliance.

These are what he must do:

1. Identify the areas with noise above 85 dBA

2. Identify the workers affected in each area

3. Ascertain the nature and level of noise in each area

3. Consider the possiblility and feasibility of structural, engineering or admistrative controls

4. Use hearing protection devices when installing structural and enginnering controls

5. Call the competent person to re-survey the areas after the structural and engineering changes

6. Use hearing protection devices for the hazardous residual noise

7. Select suitable hearing protection devices

8. Train the affected workers to use the hearing protection devices correctly

9. Prepare the affected workers mentally to accept the devices

10. Learn how to answer to workers' complains

11. Implement audiometric test program and learn how to read the audiogram

12. Learn how to use audiograms to evaluate the hearing protection program

13. Keep all records as legal documents

14. Workout re-training program

15. Write you own hearing conservation program.

The process look complicated. Does it? In fact, it is not if he take the trouble to train his emploees the hearing conservation program.  To ensure his noise control and hearing protection compliance, wirte down his own hearing conservation program that will be use as an official guidance to his manager.